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Africlectic Article Submission Guidelines:

In order to have the most diverse content which is representative of the happenings in our diaspora, we encourage readers to submit articles or draw our attention to the things that are happening around them. Please us submission form below after carefully reading guidelines.

Submission Guidelines

At Africlectic, we take great pride in professionalism. As such, we only accept articles with high quality content. While Africlectic reserves the right to edit the content of articles submitted, we advise that original articles be of the highest standards.

Please allow some time for the review of your submission. State the appropriate section under which the article falls under to better expedite the review process. Also include a brief bio you wish to be attached to your article so we can give you full credit for the article.

Things to Know before Submitting an Article:

1. Articles must not be more than a 1 page long.

2. By submitting your article to Africlectic, you hereby grant us permission to edit and publish the article for content and length, where necessary.

3. By submitting your article to Africlectic, you have given express consent  to promote your writing and/or website

4. You acknowledge that you are the original author or, you are submitting the article with the permission of the original author, or have reference the author properly. We has zero tolerance for the submission of plagiarized work! A one-time submission of plagiarized work is grounds for getting banned from submitting articles to us.

5. We reserves the right to reject any article that overtly seeks to promote the writer’s personal accomplishments and/or that of his/her event, book, website, service etc and that does not benefit readers in any way.

Please fill out this form to send us your article. Choose at most, two categories which apply to your article's subject content.
  • If you have an image to go with the article please attach here. Make sure picture is not more than 2mb.