Why it’s Okay for Females to Enjoy Football


Pig skin? First-down? Move the chain? All football jargon no self-respecting, eyebrow arching, bikini waxing, French manicure, pedicure wearing woman would know the meaning to. Seeing men run around in tights beating the life out of each other in hopes to catch a ball and throw it through a giant H doesn’t really appeal to most Janes. A lot of dames don’t understand the scoring system and don’t care to partake in such a barbaric sport. To be honest, some are still going through Sex and The City withdrawal, so instead of watching Sunday night football, they watch old episodes.

I know. I know. It’s sad.

But there is an exception to the rule. Oftentimes, women, like P, adopt the team of their boyfriend as their own for several reasons.
Here are just five reason why Janes like P become immediate football stans and why it just might be good for ‘em.

1-Quality Time

Whether P wants to admit it or not, some women secretly sulk at the thought of football season. Men already aren’t the best multitaskers, so to think our boyfriend will be able to watch a football game and still be able to tell us we’re cute, yeah, so not happening. If we join in on the fun, maybe it won’t be that bad.

2-We finally get to see what all the hype is about

If you’ve ever stayed in another room while your man watched a game in the living room, every 37 seconds, you’re likely to hear a scream, holler, or “c’mon ref!” It can cause heart palpitations and a white-hot fear to run down your spine because at any moment, you just might have a heart attack because of conditions unrelated to your diet. At least if you’re watching the game, you too can scream at the television.

3-You learn a thing or two

There’s nothing sexier than a Jane who knows the difference between a wide receiver and the running back, or the quarterback and the tight end. While Eli Manning is that dude, knowing who Victor Cruz is and why all the mamis get happy at his little Salsa dance will earn you about 10 cool points.

4-You get a chance to chill

Being a Jane isn’t always easy. The maintenance itself can sometimes be a daunting task. When you’re watching good ‘ol American Football, no one is paying attention to how arched your eyebrows are, or them edges that just won’t slick back. All the focus is on the boys on the field, which means you get to relax for a bit.

5-You’ll see it’s actually quite fun.

Football is a game of inches. At any given moment, someone can throw a touchdown pass that can end a game, or an interception can be made to drastically change the game. The emotions always run high and if you’re not at the edge of your seat by halftime, you’re damn near jumping out of it by the middle of the fourth quarter. You may be a bit lost the first few games, but after a while, you’ll start to see that the competitive spirit and the spontaneity of it make for some exciting Sundays.


Not that bad, right? A lot of O.P.I nail polish wearing, NARS lip stick poppin’, YSL perfume smelling Janes have politely left their girly ways at the door and got down with the boys for some Sunday and Monday night football. While the initial gain might be to draw closer to beau, you might find that under all that Sephora lays a Jane just as competitive as the football players.

But word to the wise: If you plan on going the distance with your John, it’d be in your best interest to not be an Eli Manning fan if your dude thinks Tom Brady is the best thing since free nights and weekends. The Football Gods won’t allow it.


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