What’s Your Travel Personality?


Are you the ‘lie in the sun by the pool type’ or the ‘face to face with an elephant’ type?

Africa is a huge exotic continent to explore – there is an experience for every type of traveler. From luxury resorts like The Palace of the Lost at Sun City in South Africa or thrilling Kenyan wildlife tours, your holiday is guaranteed to be one you will never forget. At Africlectic we strive to bring you options and information about traveling the continent of Africa that are exciting AND unique. So we are thrilled to bring you 4 of the most beautiful  destinations in Africa waiting to be explored.

Goree Island, Senegal


Goree Island sits just off the coast of Dakar, Senegal’s capital city; however it surprisingly lacks the noise and crowds of Dakar, which makes this travel destination the perfect haven for those seeking reflection and relaxation. If you are interested in historical travel, Goree Island was a major slave trade center. One of its main attractions is the Maison de Esclaves or House of Slaves. The Maison was built by the Dutch and used as a holding place for slaves. On a lighter note, this small island is very easy to explore by walking, which is great because there are no cars on the island, which makes it a great getaway for the big city travelers.

 The Virunga Mountains, Uganda/Rwanda Border

If you like just a touch of danger on your vacation, the Virunga Mountains located on the Uganda and Rwanda border is a chain of volcanic mountains. Chimpanzees, Okapi, and forest elephant s make these mountains their home. The Virunga is also the only remaining home of the endangered mountain gorillas. You can experience amazing natural beauty and wildlife in this under-explored part of Africa.

Abu Simbel/Egypt

If history is your passion when traveling, Abu Simbel in Egypt may be just the voyage you are seeking. The two temples at Abu Simbel were originally built out of a sandstone cliff near the Nile River. These temples were carved over three millenniums ago during the reign of Pharaoh Ramesses the II to honor Ramesses and the Egyptian gods. If this mystical place interests you, tour companies like Africapoint have packaged some great Egypt Holiday tours that include visits to the temples at Abu Simbel.

The Intercontinental, Lusaka,Zambia


For many of us the word ‘vacation’ will always mean luxury, but we can still have rare experiences even while being pampered. The Intercontinental in Lusaka, Zambia is one of those rare luxurious destinations. This resort provides its visitors with Five Star accommodations plus many of Lusaka’s finest dining can be found inside the Intercontinental. Every modern convenience you can imagine is offered, such as a state-of-the-art health and exercise facility, grand pools, high-speed internet, and top-notch business conference rooms for those combining a little pleasure with their business. When travelers think of luxury in Africa, Egypt or South Africa often come to mind, but Zambia should definitely be placed at the very top of that list.

What is your travel personality, luxury or adventure?

(cover credits by t.j. hasalam)



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