Tina Williams Pours Her Heart, Soul, and Love for the Islands Into Creole Love Products


Have you ever been transported to another world through your senses? Have you ever had a scent take you on a mini vacation? If you have rubbed Tina Williams’ Creole Love body butter on your skin, then you understand exactly what I’m talking about.

Tina is a  native of Los Angeles, California, a place of culture, fun in the sun, and luxury, and also  the home of her Creole Love Shea butter business; which is a seriously run “one woman” show. Along with being all-natural, Creole Love is a shea body butter company that produces the lightest, most luxurious, intensely fragrant, shea butter product on the market. Tina Williams’ dream started a little under a year ago at the beginning of the new year when she consciously decided to change her life by taking control and creating entrepreneurial success.

The name, Creole Love, expresses the love and passion that Tina puts into her entire line of products, from the shea body butters for women to the Jacques Collection for men. The deliciously exotic scents, like Summer Love and Jamaica Me Crazy, with echoes of grapefruit and melon, mirror Tina’s passion and craving for living life in the Tropics.

Tina personally chooses or creates each Creole Love product scent based on smells that either bring back memories or creates new ones. The incredible Jacques Collection for men has two scents available, Jaguar, sleek and sophisticated like the vehicle itself; and Benjamin, which is dedicated to, and named after a very special person in Tina’s life. The Benjamin fragrance is described by Tina as “…intoxicating, masculine, and strong”.

Though Creole Love is still a new entrepreneurial adventure for Tina, she has already begun to think about expansion and new ideas for the business. Tina shared with Africlectic, her ideas for a couple of budding projects, the first being the creation of a line of products inspired by her niece’s natural talents when it came to marketing Creole Love body butters to her school friends. This new line of Creole Love products will be geared towards teens; youthful, colorful, and vibrant, much like the true idea behind the entire Creole Love image. Tina also shared with Africlectists, that there could be a lip balm coming soon that fans can pop into their purses for that extra taste of Creole Love on the go.

Though Tina Williams is playing a dual role right now, combining her hectic daytime career as a paralegal , with her role as founder and creator of Creole Love Shea Butter products, her passion for entrepreneurial success is evident in the excitement of her voice when she talks about the quality of her product. It was Tina’s goal to develop a shea butter product with a level of quality and style that could match any luxury skincare product on the market today. She spoke to Africlectic about her plans to see Creole Love in the upscale spas and gift shops of Las Vegas and across the globe. Tina informed her business manager LaVan Collins, early in the game, of her goal to turn Creole Love into a multi-million dollar business.

When asked about some of her other passions in life, Tina shared that she is giving back in her own way, to two charities whose work she respects and admires, the American Stroke Association and the American Diabetes Association. It is vitally important to Tina that she support these two organizations personally and through the success of Creole Love.

We asked Tina to share with Africlectists a list of key points for success as a new entrepreneur, here is that list:

1. Don’t rush into it, make sure entrepreneurship is for you
2. Do your homework; research everything
3. Do it for the joy, not the money
4. And most importantly, find a business mentor

Crediting a lot of her success to the help of her business mentor, who happens to be an entrepreneur in the same industry; Tina shares that she doesn’t worry about competition and believes that there is enough success for everyone to share.

Tina also gave Africlectic a list of new Creole Love scents on the horizon; Candy Kisses (hints of blackberry), Capture, which is Tina’s ode to herself, Island Breeze, and Coco Mango, are once again referencing her love for all things tropical.

All Africlectists can experience the luxuriousness of Creole Love body butter by visiting the website at http://www.creoleloveproducts.com for amazing gifts for yourself and your loved ones.