Through the Eyes of A Cat: Marcio Kogan


Brazilian architecht Marcio Kogan of Studio MK27 introduces his latest São Paulo project in a way that makes us practically purr for more: through the eyes of a cat. Kogan utilized his past career success as a movie director used his client’s cat to promote the “Toblerone House” which he completed in August. In our opinion the short film, released this month, was a cool way to take advantage of the Internet (or Youtube’s) obsession with cats. However the real treat is the Toblerone house, which features Kogan’s classic style of clean lines, warm browns, slate greys, geometrical shapes and open light spaces with spacious windows.

Marcio Kogan was born in São Paulo and graduated in Architecture and Urbanism from Mackenzie University in 1976. He is reknowned in Brazil for his beautiful work, winning many awards and considered one of the country’s top architects.


Gallery of Kogan and his firm, Studio MK47 previous works: