This spoken word piece is the first for a series of original productions created exclusively for 50 Shades of Black, a project Africlectic has long admired and followed conceived by Carlton Mackey celebrating beauty, critically examining issues surrounding race/skin tone, and fostering a healthy formation of black identity. Featuring model/spoken word artist/law student Christine Fluery (Haiti, Ne[...]
We all wish dry long lectures during our monotonous days at school could sometimes be broken up by a little whispered joke, or better yet a fun day-long exercise. Only weeks ago though, Queen Elizabeth’s Girls’ School in Barnet, UK took the idea of classroom fun and turned it into a disgusting trivialization of one of the most painful era's the world has known: slavery. In short, a lesson plan [...]
R&B -  I have heard the term roll off the tongues of Caribbean and African students at my school usually when referring to someone they did not like. Being late to the trend, as usual, I was thoroughly confused; until I was informed that it meant regular and black. That’s when I could not help but let out a heavy sigh.I understood. 'Regular and black' meant African-Americans. I hate this term;[...]
Django Unchained Director: Quentin Tarantino Starring: Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz, Leonardo DiCaprio, Kerry Washington Release Date: 25 December 2012 (USA and Canada) Plot: Django is a slave living in the Deep South after having been separated from his wife Broomhilda. When Django is held for a slave auction, Dr. King Schultz, a bounty hunter, frees Django from his vicious masters, the Spe[...]
Photographer/Fashion designer Adrien Sauvage had Yasiin Bey (formerly known as Mos Def) to model for his Adrien Sauvage Fall/Winter 2012 Collection. Adrien and Yassin both documented their journey from New Orleans all the way to Houston, Texas, and during the journey they faced Hurricane Issac! But the pictures that came as a result may have been worth the adventure.
We have long been awaiting the new movie "Dr. Bello", starring Hollywood stars Isaiah Washington, Vivica A. Fox and Jimmy Jean-Louis with Nollywood legends Genevieve Nnaji and Stephanie Oreke. The film illustrates a doctor's battle (Washington) to deal with the loss of his young daughter from cancer and the ensuing problems with his wife (Fox). He meets Dr. Bello (Jean-Louis) who is an uncerti[...]
The 2013 People's Choice Awards Poll is a beautiful demonstration of the lack of representation of people of color within Hollywood and in the media in general. And by beautiful of course, I refer to our favorite color white - which seems to be the standard bearer for talent and recognition within television and film. After a while scrolling through the nominations my eyes began to glaz[...]
We've all heard of the story by now: Kevin Clash, the puppeteer behind million dollar Sesame Street character "Elmo" was accused of having underage sex with a boy, who later took back his statement for a settlement, then quickly rejected the money as a second accuser came forward. Clash ultimately resigned from Sesame Street and while he cannot face criminal charges, two more accusers have joined [...]
Dear Africlectists, ever been the awkward black person in a sea of white people or perhaps white friends who constantly asked you culturally inappropriate questions or made brow raising remarks which you just didn't know how to respond to or act, well here is where Barantunde Thursten comes in. Released early this February, Barantunde,  a politically-active, technology-loving comedian and founder [...]
What does it mean to be black and Latino in the U.S.? Featuring interviews with Latino actors Laz Alonso ("Avatar", "Jumping the Broom"), Tatyana Ali ("Fresh Prince of Bel Air"), Gina Torres ("Suits, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys") and Judy Reyes ("Scrubs"), musicians Christina Milian ("Dip it Low") and Kat DeLuna ("Whine Up"), and journalist Soledad O'Brien (CNN), among many others.
Trailer for FunkJazz Kafé: Diary of a Decade (The Story of a Movement). The film features Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, India Arie, N’dea Davenport, Caron Wheeler, Eric Roberson and numerous other musicians.  It spans the late 1980′s through the early 2000′s exploring the underground music scene, soul music, it’s definitions, it’s pioneers, it’s offspring, it’s movements, the challenges with the “mains[...]
When Barack Obama became President of the United States of America in 2008, the entire world rejoiced with  a packed world tour for Obama that made his foreign tour seem more like a rock concert than a Presidential address. However no continent has held on and loved more fiercely the President of the United States than the people of Africa, who embraced him with open and proud arms. November 5[...]
Africlectic had the chance to speak with artist extraordinaire, pan Africanist and health advocate, Yewande Austin. The unapologetic soulful, funk, rock all in one African-American singer with a Nigerian birthname took us through her life’s journey. Africlectic: Your name, Yoruba (Nigerian), which you say signifies something about you. Yewande: Yes, definitely. I do not think it is by any[...]