Tanzanian-born self identified Ghanaian architect David Adjaye explains his working process and the role that his race and African heritage does and doesn’t play in his work, particularly as relates to designing of the groundbreaking Smithsonian National Museum of African-American History and Culture in Washington DC which was unveiled in February 2012. See more on David Adjaye and this beautif[...]
Bright, contrasting colors and a highly developed graphic eye for surface divisions, lines and relationships lend Viviane Sassen's work an unmistakably aesthetic character. Flamboya is her work from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia and Ghana. It is pervaded with a timeless beauty inextricably connected with an underlying visual hierarchy that seems sculptural. Viviane Sassen: Flamboy[...]
It’s the end of the year and as most of the northern hemisphere is celebrating under a heavy coat of snow, in other parts of the world, summer has just started! While popular destinations in Africa like Mauritius or Seychelles are getting jam-packed, discerning honeymooners should look out for more discreet but stimulating locations. Forget those overdone, overbooked destinations; Africlectic brin[...]
From producer/director Yanick Letourneau comes the feature documentary, United States of Africa: Beyond Hip Hop. Released in Canada, the USA, and South Africa, the film follows rapper Didier Awadi as he tours 40 countries, outlining the tragic defeats of various African leaders who were thwarted in their progressive aims, often by Western powers. This documentary gives us a picture of the past a[...]