Birsel + Seck uses design and innovation to highlight the innovation and creativity of Senegalese home decor.  One half of the design team, Bibi hails from Dakar Senegal and this has certainly been infused in some of their collections. Their lines, which are produced in collaboration for larger distribution all over the world - are manufactured right in Senegal! Moroso Birsel and Seck collaborat[...]
Sembene! is an animated documentary about the life of Senegalese filmmaker and author Ousmane Sembène, directed by Jason Silverman. For those unfamiliar, Ousmane Sembéne is hailed as the "Father of African Film", revolutionizing the way the African way of life, varied cultures and unique storylines were displayed on screens previously dominated by Western ideas of Africa. This innovative document[...]
The stories and struggles of African immigrants in America are rarely told in American media and are notably missing from most dialogue around the issue of immigration. For that reason alone, director Andrew Dosunmu's visually gorgeous tale of 21-year-old Senegalese musician Djbirl (Sy Alassane) and his efforts to navigate Harlem make it a novelty even on American art-house screens. But Eugene Gus[...]
In order to make a statement on the global financial crises and the culture of spending beyond ones' limits,  artist Sébastien Bouchard in an exhibition in Dakar, Senegal  used the iconic  Louis Vuitton monogram to create an elaborately designed  African calabash. The aim in doing so was to juxtapose a symbol of everyday necessities daily life in African communities vs  desires of Western life. [...]
Le Prix du Pardon is based on a novel by Mbissane Ngom who, like film-maker Mansour Sora Wade, comes from the coast of Senegal, where the story is set. A fishing village on the south coast of Senegal lives in fear because of a strange cloud of mist that hangs above the village. As a result, the fishing boats on which the whole village depends economically cannot set sail. When the young Mbanik [...]
"Black Girl" is a 1966 film by the Senegalese writer and director Ousmane Sembène, starring Mbissine Thérèse Diop. Its original French title is La Noire de..., which means "The black girl of...", as in "someone's black girl". This film is considered the first black African feature film to garner international attention when it was screened at Cannes it won the Prix Jean Vigo, and received the top [...]
Senegal has long been admired for its natural beauty, sunny days, tropical weather, and breath-taking beaches. However now international model and actor, Azy Banks is rapidly becoming considered as yet another national treasure. At only 27 years of age, Dakar-born Banks has been modeling and acting for fifteen years and has made his presence known on cameras and runways around the globe. His chi[...]
French-Ivorian designer Pierre Antoine-Vettorello once again blew away the runway as he fused together ethnic mythology and a restrained color palette, utilizing natural materials to create intricate headbands and hats. The Spring/Summer 2013 collection uses inspirations from Bassari headpieces of Senegal and Kuba textiles from Congo which have been translated into knitwear. The award-winning Roya[...]
Are you the ‘lie in the sun by the pool type’ or the ‘face to face with an elephant’ type? Africa is a huge exotic continent to explore - there is an experience for every type of traveler. From luxury resorts like The Palace of the Lost at Sun City in South Africa or thrilling Kenyan wildlife tours, your holiday is guaranteed to be one you will never forget. At Africlectic we strive to bring [...]
Dakar - Image by Jeff Attaway
“Close your eyes again! ...Now can you hear it? Can you hear the harrowing creak of the chains? Can you perceive the silent cry of that mother who knows she’ll never hold her child in her arms again? Listen to the sea! Its waves never forgot the hopeless stare of the men embarking on the vessel or the distress and screams of the slaves pitilessly thrown overboard…” As the ferry draws away from [...]