It’s obvious; I’m not the typical girl. One who will strike a conversation with ease, charm the guys with the sway of my hips or even my style of dress, but hey -  that doesn’t make me any less of a girl does it? I have class, style, and I’m intelligent. However, there’s just one little problem.... No, it’s a major problem, and it lies somewhere between the real world and the place where most[...]
 Terri Apter, a psychologist at Cambridge University, has used research gathered over the past twenty years to show that the relationship between a mother and daughter in-laws can be far more tense than the one between a man and his wife's mother. After speaking with 163 people, Apter discovered that more than 60% of women felt that friction with their husband's mother had caused them long-term st[...]
Marriage. One of the biggest industries in the world, celebrated in a variety of cultures, faiths, promises, and rituals to symbolize your eternal (or momentary) commitment to the person who stands next to you at the time. Once upon a time, women were chained to this institution, her very status, self-worth, and prestige in her community being determined by her husband – which made sense I guess b[...]