Among the current crop of writers in South Africa, Kopano Matlwa stands uniquely head and shoulders above the rest. This grounded twenty-two year old author of provocative novel Coconut about black South African youths’ loss of identity in their highly Westernised nation highlights what can happen to African children when they realize that in a world that is black-and-white, life can be cruel when[...]
“What are you guys?” Attempting to be as poised as ever at this black tie event, the question certainly did scare me. I was surrounded by several people of this huge NYC high-end accounting firm; if not, they were wives, girlfriends, or escorts. When we came in, I was quickly introduced as the friend. Yes, I was the date. Still, I was the friend. I made it clear too. Do not get the wrong idea. So[...]
25 year old Loyiso Mkize may at first glance appear as any young South African man would if you chanced to see him on the train. However as he casually speaks to the other strangers who are on board, what you may not notice are the eyes of an artist: studying, absorbing everything from the clothes on their body to the emotion hidden in the depths of their eyes. Mkize is a young up and coming de[...]
South Africa is known for having a variety of bold, talented and creative people. Amongst them, Mary Sibande stands out as a revolutionary artist, whose works have uplifted a centuries old profession that is historically rife with pain and anger: the maid. She lives and works in Johannesburg, South Africa, speaks Swati, Zulu and English and is also a painter, sculptor and performance artist. [...]