South African (and worldwide) icon Nelson Mandela's words and actions have always been about love, and peace and forgiveness. So it makes sense that we look back on his words on Valentine's Day 1995 when a young person asked him if he celebrated Valentine's Day. Mandela explains his lack of knowledge about the holiday due to his upbringing and his ‘tight programe does not allow’ him ‘to find time [...]
Excerpts of interviews from the documentary project and video installation called Eaten by the Heart for the PROGRESS OF LOVE exhibition. A great exploration into not only how we kiss, but how we love as well. The responses were quite interesting and we would  like to know what you think. Is kissing, which is an act of expression itself,  too private in African societies that it has to be  seldom [...]
Nothing is more beautiful than love, except the celebration of love through dance. And we Africans definitely know how to thrown down and deliver the best wedding entrances. Through hundreds of videos on YouTube (that we were more than happy to look through!), we have selected for your viewing pleasure our top four. Which one is your favorite? Malawian Wedding 20th Wedding Anniversary Mr Austin [...]
We absolutely adored this glamorous and colorful wedding West African couple Akin and Abi, captured with stunning shots from Izehi Photography. Izehi describes the glowing couple's love story: While a group of students were sitting in the school cafeteria for lunch on campus at Abilene Christian University in Texas, Akin got phone numbers from everyone in the group; supposedly so he could get[...]