African cuisine exhibits great diversity and superb taste. Recipes featuring vegetables and traditional spices are very popular and make for sumptuous meals. One such meal is ‘Ndole’ from the South of Cameroon. This dish originated in the coastal region of Douala but is a celebrated delicacy for people all over the country. The scientific name of the vegetable used to prepare Ndole is Vernonia amy[...]
Samosas: An East African Delight! Fun Fact: At the White House, the Obamas menu included Chicken Samosas alongside yogurt dip when they hosted a dinner for India the  Envoy and other Ambassadors. Samosas are a very common fast food snack in East Africa, especially Kenya.   Ingredients: 1 piece ginger root 3 cloves of garlic 1 pounds ground lamb/beef OR chopped up vegetables (Carro[...]