Pumzi (Breath in Swahili) is a Kenyan science-fiction short film written and directed by Wanuri Kahiu. It was screened at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival as part of its New African Cinema program. Synopsis Set in a post-apocalyptic world in which water scarcity has extinguished life above ground, the short follows one scientist's quest to investigate the possibility of germinating seeds beyond[...]
Wouldn't it be better if African men weren't always depicted as warlords or victims? The Creatives: Mama Hope is a non-profit organization focused on building self-sufficient communities in Sub-Saharan Africa. Mama Hope partners with Community Based Organizations and invests in high impact, cost effective projects, that meet their fundamental needs for food, water, education and health care. M[...]
Bright, contrasting colors and a highly developed graphic eye for surface divisions, lines and relationships lend Viviane Sassen's work an unmistakably aesthetic character. Flamboya is her work from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia and Ghana. It is pervaded with a timeless beauty inextricably connected with an underlying visual hierarchy that seems sculptural. Viviane Sassen: Flamboy[...]
Nothing is more beautiful than love, except the celebration of love through dance. And we Africans definitely know how to thrown down and deliver the best wedding entrances. Through hundreds of videos on YouTube (that we were more than happy to look through!), we have selected for your viewing pleasure our top four. Which one is your favorite? Malawian Wedding 20th Wedding Anniversary Mr Austin [...]
The First Grader is a 2010 biographical drama film directed by Justin Chadwick, starring Naomie Harris, Oliver Litondo, and Tony Kgoroge, and based on the true story of Kimani Maruge, a Kenyan man and ex Mau Mau soldier who enrolled in elementary education at the age of 84 after the Kenyan government announced universal and free elementary education in 2003.
An animation for Vital Voices, an organisation working globally for women’s independence. This film tells the childhood story of Kakenya Ntaiya, a Masai woman who negotiated herself out of an arranged marriage and convinced her village to collect money for her to study in the USA. She has since returned to the village and built a girls’ school there. Directed by Aaron Kisner and Pistachios. Music [...]
Ng’endo Mukii tackles a relevant and sensitive topic of skin bleaching. This film searches a modern take of Ng’endo’s documentation of the topic with observations from her niece, her own perceptions and experiences and some history  that uncovers the depth of this parallel thought. These honest conversations and earnest thoughtfulness and writing makes this film such great insight into this iss[...]
From Featureshoot: Jonathan May is an advertising and fine art photographer originally from Australia. He is currently based in Moscow but lately finds himself spending majority of his time shooting in Australia and Africa. His project L’Afrique materialized from an assignment in Africa from a French client. The project includes images from from Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast and Kenya but Jonathan[...]
Wherever we go in the world it is clear that the Diaspora continually strive to bring the traditional beauty and modern cuts of African fashion to the entire world. Even way down under, Kenyan partners Bangili Jangili (Swahili for Accessories Junkie). Recently unleashing a new collection this September that once again emphasizes how beautiful accessories can literally "make or break an outfit." [...]
When Barack Obama became President of the United States of America in 2008, the entire world rejoiced with  a packed world tour for Obama that made his foreign tour seem more like a rock concert than a Presidential address. However no continent has held on and loved more fiercely the President of the United States than the people of Africa, who embraced him with open and proud arms. November 5[...]
From producer/director Yanick Letourneau comes the feature documentary, United States of Africa: Beyond Hip Hop. Released in Canada, the USA, and South Africa, the film follows rapper Didier Awadi as he tours 40 countries, outlining the tragic defeats of various African leaders who were thwarted in their progressive aims, often by Western powers. This documentary gives us a picture of the past a[...]