For decades, songs by Bob Marley and The Wailers--booming in cafés, college dorm rooms, cars and commercials--have transcended class, age and race among their fans. Marley (2012), recently released on DVD in the United States, addresses all audiences while narrating the biography of the Reggae artist's childhood in Jamaica, his musical influence, and his spirituality. Such information reinforc[...]
“Yuh come from foreign?” Those four words were enough to make my 12-year old heart fall to the pit of my stomach. I had failed, again. I practiced my patois (patwa) for days gearing up for my trip to Jamaica and yet it still wasn’t good enough to fool this lady. She smiled, amused as she rocked her baby. I nodded yes. I was from foreign and I hated it. For the rest of the vacation, when we [...]
Known as one of Jamaica's national dishes, Ackee and saltfish is a delicious main course or side dish made out of the popular "ackee" fruit and salt or cod fish. The ackee fruit is native to West Africa that is said to be similar in flavor to eggs with a very creamy texture that is mild to taste. It is not usually available for fresh purchase in Europe and the United States so try and get your han[...]