Africlectic African Beauty
  Femme noire, femme africaine, Ô toi ma mère, je pense à toi... Ô Daman, ô ma Mère, Toi qui me portas sur le dos, Toi qui m'allaitas, toi qui gouvernas mes premiers pas, Toi qui la première m'ouvris les yeux aux prodiges de la terre, Je pense à toi... Ô toi Daman, Ô ma mère, Toi qui essuyas mes larmes, Toi qui me réjouissais le cœur, Toi qui, patiemment, supportais mes capri[...]
From producer/director Yanick Letourneau comes the feature documentary, United States of Africa: Beyond Hip Hop. Released in Canada, the USA, and South Africa, the film follows rapper Didier Awadi as he tours 40 countries, outlining the tragic defeats of various African leaders who were thwarted in their progressive aims, often by Western powers. This documentary gives us a picture of the past a[...]