Google+ African Brothers - The story of a Ghanaian family keeping in touch through Google+, even though they are spread across three continents. What a beautiful commercial - and Google's choice of subject matter illustrates how the world is only growing more and more aware of the rising number of African's in the Diaspora.  
Shot and edited by Ben Gugino, emerging musician Asante speaks on his Music-Color Synesthesia, a psychological phenomenon that allows him to visualize different colors for respective notes in music. Using this as a tool for his compositions, Asante hopes that this documentary will shed light on the rare artform that is helping him create his debut project, “The Mind of a Ghanaian EP”. Listen to[...]
Tanzanian-born self identified Ghanaian architect David Adjaye explains his working process and the role that his race and African heritage does and doesn’t play in his work, particularly as relates to designing of the groundbreaking Smithsonian National Museum of African-American History and Culture in Washington DC which was unveiled in February 2012. See more on David Adjaye and this beautif[...]
Theres nothing like getting down to some coupe decale at a party, or wrapping your arms around a loved one as you slow dance to some zouk. We have myriads of genres and dance styles in Africa but no dances have more significance and meaning than the traditional dances performed by the hundreds (or thousands?) of ethnic groups. Each group may have their own particular dance style and beat - however[...]
Wow - a true testament to the spread and global influence of Azonto when the U.S. Army starts doing it! This video was an entry to the #ANTENNADANCE competition (in which people record themselves dancing to Fuse ODG‘s hit Antenna). Obviously, they butchered the dance - but was it cute or just stupid?
Finally a chocolate that can taste as good on your lips as it does for your soul. Meet Kuapa Kokoo, the largest cocoa farmers' cooperative organization with 45,000 cocoa growers established in Ghana in 1993. The cooperative was formed in part of fear of Ghana's liberalization of the internal cocoa market which farmers feared would lead to the entry of private companies into the market with whom [...]
A super fun video of the best of the best, experts in "Azonto" the Ghanaian dance that has taken Africa by storm. Videos of dancers from Barbados, Congo, Ghana, Nigeria, Enjoy and take inspiration from the different styles, but even better enjoy the hot mix by DJ Sawa. *MIX LIST* 1. DANCE TONIGHT - SONNI BALLI 2. VERA - D-BLACK FT JOEY B 3. AZONTO FIESTA - SARKODIE FT APPIETUS & KESSE [...]
Sinking Sands is a 2010 Ghanaian drama film written, produced & directed by Leila Djansi, and starring Jimmy Jean-Louis, Ama Abebrese & Yemi Blaq. The film received 9 nominations and won 3 awards at the 2011 African Movie Academy Awards, including the awards for Best Screenplay & Best Makeup. Pabi and Jimah are happily married and living a peaceful life when disaster strikes in the[...]
For the bold beautiful woman who is not afraid of her wild side, emerging fashion brand Ashanti Brazi's gorgeous patterns and daring cuts are a must have in your closet! Designer Annabel Kwateng hails from Ghana and after living in Brazil has created a line of clothing that fuses the influences of the Diaspora with the Brazil Carnival. Annabel sat down with Africlectic to give us more insight on t[...]
Sarkodie's new single "Illuminati" just dropped and it already has our mouths open. THe ease and speed Sarkodie raps in his indigenous language Twi is completely masterful and the heavy yet simple beats in the background showcase just that. Take a listen and download!
Bright, contrasting colors and a highly developed graphic eye for surface divisions, lines and relationships lend Viviane Sassen's work an unmistakably aesthetic character. Flamboya is her work from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia and Ghana. It is pervaded with a timeless beauty inextricably connected with an underlying visual hierarchy that seems sculptural. Viviane Sassen: Flamboy[...]
Released in 2008 the 2008 presidential elections in Ghana, West Africa, serve as a backdrop for this feature documentary that looks behind-the-scenes at the complex, political machinery of a third world democracy struggling to legitimize itself to its first world contemporaries. At stake in this race are the fates of two political parties that will do almost anything to win. Director Jarreth Merz [...]
Philip Kwame Apagya (born 1958) is a Ghanaian photographer. Born in Sekondi, Apagya was the son of a photographer, and apprenticed in his father's studio as a boy. He studied photojournalism at the Accra School of Journalism before opening his own studio in Shema, on Ghana's west coast. He is known today for his studio portraits made using brightly colored backdrops. Apagya's work is in The Contem[...]
When Barack Obama became President of the United States of America in 2008, the entire world rejoiced with  a packed world tour for Obama that made his foreign tour seem more like a rock concert than a Presidential address. However no continent has held on and loved more fiercely the President of the United States than the people of Africa, who embraced him with open and proud arms. November 5[...]
From producer/director Yanick Letourneau comes the feature documentary, United States of Africa: Beyond Hip Hop. Released in Canada, the USA, and South Africa, the film follows rapper Didier Awadi as he tours 40 countries, outlining the tragic defeats of various African leaders who were thwarted in their progressive aims, often by Western powers. This documentary gives us a picture of the past a[...]
Adjaye in the living room of the Lindemann-Dayan house on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.
By Diane Solway
Photograph by Andreas Laszlo Konrath
March 2011
Meet  the most talked about architect in the Diaspora right now - David Adjaye. In April, the Smithsonian Institution announced that the Freelon ,Adjaye Bond/SmithGroup will be designing the National Museum of African American History and Culture. David Adjaye, a 43-year-old Ghanian architect will be essential to the design and construction of this national project.  However Adjaye is no [...]