We all know how annoying it is when your phone charger won't reach your bedside post - But when a small impoverished child repeats your words with a backdrop of a run down tin roof and a muddy road suddenly the troubles of life in the Western world take on a slight air of silliness. At least, this is the intention of Haitian charity "Water is Life" that uses people on Twitter who emplo[...]
The gift of dance reminds us to celebrate, to tell stories, and create art through our body - when we can do this with the meaning of our traditions infused into every beat and movement, it is all the more special. The Diamano Coura West African Dance Company based in Oakland California strives to carry out this very mission - not only putting on beautiful performances every year based on West[...]
American cosmetic household brand Avon, has not had much to celebrate lately with plunging share prices,  however the brand is finding hope in a new consumer niche in none other than South Africa. In 2011 Avon's sales in South Africa increased by a whopping 29%, whereas its global sales grew only a marginal 1%.The beauty giant has been in the cosmetic business for 126 years, positioning itself a[...]
25 year old Loyiso Mkize may at first glance appear as any young South African man would if you chanced to see him on the train. However as he casually speaks to the other strangers who are on board, what you may not notice are the eyes of an artist: studying, absorbing everything from the clothes on their body to the emotion hidden in the depths of their eyes. Mkize is a young up and coming de[...]