The Prince of Egypt is a 1998 American animated musical drama film and the first traditionally animated film produced and released by DreamWorks Animation. The film is an adaptation of the Book of Exodus and follows the life of Moses from being a prince of Egypt to his ultimate destiny to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt. The film was directed by Brenda Chapman, Simon Wells and Steve Hickn[...]
Synopsis of Rémi Bezançon's animated film Zarafa (in French). The film was released as part of Berlin 2012 International Film Festival and is historically based on the Giraffe given to Charles X of France by Muhammad Ali of Egypt. It has been submitted and accepted for consideration for the 2013 Academy Awards. "Under a baobab tree, an old man tells a story to the children around him: the story[...]
“Chaos – Heya Fawda” is the last film by the multiple award-winning doyen of Egyptian cinema Youssef Chahine. Chahine, who died in 2008 aged 81, and his co-director Khaled Youssef take us to Choubra Egypt in the year 2007, a cosmopolitan quarter of Cairo that was once known for the peaceful co-existence of people of different origins and denominations. Meanwhile in the film the corrupt police o[...]
Are you the ‘lie in the sun by the pool type’ or the ‘face to face with an elephant’ type? Africa is a huge exotic continent to explore - there is an experience for every type of traveler. From luxury resorts like The Palace of the Lost at Sun City in South Africa or thrilling Kenyan wildlife tours, your holiday is guaranteed to be one you will never forget. At Africlectic we strive to bring [...]