We at Africlectic LOVE learning new recipes and what sounds better than Caribbean jerk prepared for by charming supermodel Jordan Dunn? In the premiere episode of Well Dunn for Jay-Z's culture website "Life and Times" fashion maven Jourdan Dunn heats up the kitchen with Jamaican styled jerk pork, rice and beans, and Caribbean salsa while she dishes on shooting the Vogue Italia "All Black" issue[...]
Known as one of Jamaica's national dishes, Ackee and saltfish is a delicious main course or side dish made out of the popular "ackee" fruit and salt or cod fish. The ackee fruit is native to West Africa that is said to be similar in flavor to eggs with a very creamy texture that is mild to taste. It is not usually available for fresh purchase in Europe and the United States so try and get your han[...]
Palm oil, while a staple in African and Southeast Asian cooking - is generally known to probably not be the BEST ingredient you could put in your body. The thick red liquid that often has to be warmed to melt from its room-temperature solidified state is a cheap cooking oil that adds a rich color to whatever dish is being made. However as reported by Time Magazine, preliminary research sugge[...]
African cuisine exhibits great diversity and superb taste. Recipes featuring vegetables and traditional spices are very popular and make for sumptuous meals. One such meal is ‘Ndole’ from the South of Cameroon. This dish originated in the coastal region of Douala but is a celebrated delicacy for people all over the country. The scientific name of the vegetable used to prepare Ndole is Vernonia amy[...]
  October is Breast Cancer Month, and here at Africlectic we would like to share little tips you can apply to help take care of your body. Many of us may like to have mangoes, but how much? Did you know a medium size mango-  about 3.5 g is fully packed with vitamins ranging from C, B, E, K, and A? Vitamin B-6 is required for GABA hormone production in the brain and also regulates ho[...]
Samosas: An East African Delight! Fun Fact: At the White House, the Obamas menu included Chicken Samosas alongside yogurt dip when they hosted a dinner for India the  Envoy and other Ambassadors. Samosas are a very common fast food snack in East Africa, especially Kenya.   Ingredients: 1 piece ginger root 3 cloves of garlic 1 pounds ground lamb/beef OR chopped up vegetables (Carro[...]