Birsel + Seck uses design and innovation to highlight the innovation and creativity of Senegalese home decor.  One half of the design team, Bibi hails from Dakar Senegal and this has certainly been infused in some of their collections. Their lines, which are produced in collaboration for larger distribution all over the world - are manufactured right in Senegal! Moroso Birsel and Seck collaborat[...]
The Grand Africa village is a testament to the beautiful vision of AfriCat Foundation, a Namibian organization created for protection and long-term conservation of all large carnivores in Namibia and has since become renowned for much-needed; “Environmental Education, Carnivore Research, Rescue, Release & Rehabilitation programmes, and Carnivore Welfare, Human Wild-life Conflict Mitigation a[...]
In order to make a statement on the global financial crises and the culture of spending beyond ones' limits,  artist Sébastien Bouchard in an exhibition in Dakar, Senegal  used the iconic  Louis Vuitton monogram to create an elaborately designed  African calabash. The aim in doing so was to juxtapose a symbol of everyday necessities daily life in African communities vs  desires of Western life. [...]
Designer Thomas Schoos was recently featured on Yahoo giving tips on creating a more authentic Halloween experience by Incorporating Authentic Artifacts into Costumes and Halloween Décor. “These dramatic masks can be beautiful or scary, and they bring in a whole new exotic element to a Halloween theme,” offers Schoos. “Put them with a sexy, imaginative costume and they will definitely attract[...]
Brazilian architecht Marcio Kogan of Studio MK27 introduces his latest São Paulo project in a way that makes us practically purr for more: through the eyes of a cat. Kogan utilized his past career success as a movie director used his client's cat to promote the "Toblerone House" which he completed in August. In our opinion the short film, released this month, was a cool way to take advantage o[...]
25 year old Loyiso Mkize may at first glance appear as any young South African man would if you chanced to see him on the train. However as he casually speaks to the other strangers who are on board, what you may not notice are the eyes of an artist: studying, absorbing everything from the clothes on their body to the emotion hidden in the depths of their eyes. Mkize is a young up and coming de[...]
International décor company West Elm teamed up with sixteen South African artisans to create a colorful and vibrant design collection grounded in traditional arts and timeless in motif. Speaking to Elle Décor, creative director Vanessa Holden said: “There are influences from so many different backgrounds layered on the foundational African culture. I love the idea of those multiple points of [...]