Theres nothing like getting down to some coupe decale at a party, or wrapping your arms around a loved one as you slow dance to some zouk. We have myriads of genres and dance styles in Africa but no dances have more significance and meaning than the traditional dances performed by the hundreds (or thousands?) of ethnic groups. Each group may have their own particular dance style and beat - however[...]
Even though African fashion has moved out from the seamstress room and into the commercial style industry, there is still a large problem that faces the average woman who wants to look amazing in the latest cuts and styles of her homeland: the average clothing size available for us is between a size 2 - 10. This is puzzling considering how we black women are known for our beautiful bold curves. Ho[...]
A modest new documentary from the West African nation of Cameroon has been getting rave reviews at some of the world's most prestigious film festivals. It's an unlikely story of how two women are taking on crimes against women, often fighting deeply entrenched attitudes and a male-dominated power structure to find justice. The film Sisters in Law follows the saga of lawyer Vera Ngassa and judge Be[...]
African cuisine exhibits great diversity and superb taste. Recipes featuring vegetables and traditional spices are very popular and make for sumptuous meals. One such meal is ‘Ndole’ from the South of Cameroon. This dish originated in the coastal region of Douala but is a celebrated delicacy for people all over the country. The scientific name of the vegetable used to prepare Ndole is Vernonia amy[...]