As we have learnt throughout this month of October dedicated to breast cancer, early detection saves lives. By conducting a monthly breast examination, you can become immediately aware of any abnormalities and seek out your health care provider for further investigation. However these examinations do NOT replace a yearly full check up - still see your doctor for clinical examinations and mammograp[...]
Palm oil, while a staple in African and Southeast Asian cooking - is generally known to probably not be the BEST ingredient you could put in your body. The thick red liquid that often has to be warmed to melt from its room-temperature solidified state is a cheap cooking oil that adds a rich color to whatever dish is being made. However as reported by Time Magazine, preliminary research sugge[...]
This month of October organizations all over the world are donning pink for their products in declaration of support against the fight of breast cancer. However short of spending all of our money attempting to donate money to the research, all of us - yes men, you too! - can take up the right into your own hands. Grab a pen and paper, here are 5 ways to help support our sisters near and far. Volu[...]
Many events in our lives bring us together: a joyous occasion, family reunions, or catching up with a good friend etc. At the same time many unfortunate circumstances also bring people together such as the death of a loved one. Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer among Black women. 'Nothing speaks more clearly to the shocking disparities in breast cancer morbidity and mortality than[...]
  October is Breast Cancer Month, and here at Africlectic we would like to share little tips you can apply to help take care of your body. Many of us may like to have mangoes, but how much? Did you know a medium size mango-  about 3.5 g is fully packed with vitamins ranging from C, B, E, K, and A? Vitamin B-6 is required for GABA hormone production in the brain and also regulates ho[...]