In what is possibly the best video of the year, new charity organization "Radi-Aid" has released a video to make a plea for the Norwegian child: as Africans sit and enjoy our mild winters, the people of Norway are freezing and need our help. It is our responsibility, as warm temperature citizens to reach out and aid them in this difficult Christmas time. Radi-Aid's solution? Everyone in Afr[...]
The 2013 People's Choice Awards Poll is a beautiful demonstration of the lack of representation of people of color within Hollywood and in the media in general. And by beautiful of course, I refer to our favorite color white - which seems to be the standard bearer for talent and recognition within television and film. After a while scrolling through the nominations my eyes began to glaz[...]
Ladies and gentlemen, buckle your seatbelts because the fashion industry is clearly being driven off a cliff in its mad search for “inspiration” – and they don’t care if they run right over Africa. Dolce & Gabbanna, a premiere global label known for their edgy and youthful fashion debuted their Spring 2013 runway presentation featuring the fancifully called “Blackamoor” earrings and dre[...]
Dear Africlectists, ever been the awkward black person in a sea of white people or perhaps white friends who constantly asked you culturally inappropriate questions or made brow raising remarks which you just didn't know how to respond to or act, well here is where Barantunde Thursten comes in. Released early this February, Barantunde,  a politically-active, technology-loving comedian and founder [...]