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Africlectic Magazine derives its essence from the deep and multifaceted cultural heritage of the African Diaspora. We believe that beneath the surface of disparate nationalities within the Diaspora, there exist coherent ties in culture, tradition, and experiences, which unite us. Our editorial vision is one that selects from a diverse array of elements that define the positive energy of the African Diaspora. Africlectic Magazine is the portal through which we bring these elements to the consciousness of our community.

Africlectic Magazine was born from a deep desire and commitment to uplift, educate, and inspire a positive wave of social change in the Diaspora. We are a captivating, entertaining, and yet highly intellectual socio-cultural lifestyle publication. Our magazine serves as a visa for anyone wishing to embark on a cultural voyage to see the Diaspora through the lens and perspective of a new generation of dynamic people of African descent.

In Africlectic Magazine’s first issue, “Echoes of the Diaspora,” our readers will find insightful interviews and in-depth, enlightening articles of issues facing the African Diaspora today. Our first issue features a very diverse group of ‘diasporans’ with powerful intellects and ideals. We delve into the stories behind this unique group of talented men and women leading the global reawakening in Africentric arts, entertainment, fashion, business, and more. We speak to people of African heritage who are attached to their culture and quick to seize the educational and professional opportunities of their host and home countries.

As we embark on this exciting journey, we are reaching out to organizations whose missions are aligned with our own, asking them to join us in uplifting our community via this medium. Africlectic Magazine welcomes any media, distribution, and/or financial partnerships by way of sponsorship or advertising. We look forward to growing in a collaborative effort to expand both online and print distribution of our magazine to readers all over the globe.

We are dedicated to supporting charities and non-governmental community reform organizations on the African continent and throughout the Diaspora at large. In every issue we will spotlight an organization in Africa or the Diaspora dedicated to fighting disease, abuse, and illiteracy. 10% of our revenue will be used to support these featured organizations in their efforts to enrich their communities. Please feel free to contact us for more details. For any press-related or partnership questions, please write us at Africlectic Magazine will be release late January of 2013 and will be available in print and digital. To reserve a copy, please fill out the form below.

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