Sébastien Bouchard’s “C’est La Crise”: Necessities vs. Vanities


In order to make a statement on the global financial crises and the culture of spending beyond ones’ limits,  artist Sébastien Bouchard in an exhibition in Dakar, Senegal  used the iconic  Louis Vuitton monogram to create an elaborately designed  African calabash. The aim in doing so was to juxtapose a symbol of everyday necessities daily life in African communities vs  desires of Western life.

Worth noting is that calabashes have been used in African communities for ages and cost less than $1 while Louis Vuitton is a symbol of luxury and social status in the West and cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. While we certainly don’t think the African calabash although widely used is a necessity of African daily life, we definitely understand the point Sebastian is making and its a strong one with a well thought out artistic delivery.


  • http://www.facebook.com/ayesha.nura.ayanfe Ayesha NuRa

    I think this is EPIC.