“Rise Africa”: Wafa Elamin Inspires A New Generation

At a TEDx Talks in Khartoum, Sudan Wafa Elamin is riveting in her speech talking about the importance of coming together as a continent to help our local communities across Africa. As a 5th year medical student in Sudan, Elamin grew up in Ireland but came back to Sudan. Staying in the predominantly Christian, White country developed her strong sense of identity as a Sudanese Muslim woman and pushed her towards her goal to give a voice for those society as neglected.edicine has been her gateway into the heart of the Sudanese community through voluntary humanitarian work in non-governmental organizations. Currently, Wafa is project coordinator of Water the World working to bring water to the most vulnerable families in Internally Displaced People (IDP) camps such as Mayo.

My message to both the Sudanese youth and all those across Africa is to rise. RISE. This is the era for great intervention. Don’t wait for someone else to throw the dice when it is your turn to awe the world. Rise Africa.