Love, African Style: Akin and Abi


We absolutely adored this glamorous and colorful wedding West African couple Akin and Abi, captured with stunning shots from Izehi Photography. Izehi describes the glowing couple’s love story:

While a group of students were sitting in the school cafeteria for lunch on campus at Abilene Christian University in Texas, Akin got phone numbers from everyone in the group; supposedly so he could get everyone more involved in the African Students Association.

There’s just one catch.

ACU didn’t have an African Student’s Association.

Abi found this out later that evening when Akin confessed to only wanting her phone number.

Smooth, very smooth.

Akin’s approach definitely caught Abi’s attention, but she still took her time in letting him get close.  Akin eventually won her heart, and in his words when they officially started dating he felt like he had won 3 marathons in a row.  Years passed and their relationship grew closer despite Akin’s move to Dallas and the long distance trips to Abilene.  A sunset dinner overlooking the Dallas skyline was the perfect setting for Akin’s proposal.

Their wedding was full of color, tradition, class, and most of all love.