Le Prix du Pardon (The Price of Forgiveness)


Le Prix du Pardon is based on a novel by Mbissane Ngom who, like film-maker Mansour Sora Wade, comes from the coast of Senegal, where the story is set.

A fishing village on the south coast of Senegal lives in fear because of a strange cloud of mist that hangs above the village. As a result, the fishing boats on which the whole village depends economically cannot set sail. When the young Mbanik makes them disappear, he is the village hero. As a result, he can at last declare his love for Maxoye. Yatma (Humbert Koundé), Mbanik’s childhood friend, is crazy with jealousy at Mbanik’s prestige and his relationship with Yatma and, in a fit of rage, he kills him. He briefly manages to remain unpunished and is even allowed to marry Maxoye. However Maxoye is pregnant with Mbanik’s baby.

*pt. 1pt. 2pt. 3pt. 4pt. 5pt. 6pt. 7 - in Arabic with English subtitles


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