Cancer Preventative: Palm Oil?


Palm oil, while a staple in African and Southeast Asian cooking – is generally known to probably not be the BEST ingredient you could put in your body.

The thick red liquid that often has to be warmed to melt from its room-temperature solidified state is a cheap cooking oil that adds a rich color to whatever dish is being made.

However as reported by Time Magazine, preliminary research suggests that the form of vitamin E packed into the palm Preliminary research suggests that the form of vitamin E packed into the oil-palm fruit, tocotrienol, could help fight cancer and prevent strokes. “Though tocotrienols can be found in rice bran, barley and wheat, palm oil is the richest source of tocotrienol”, says Pramod Khosla, an associate professor in the department of nutrition at Wayne State University in Detroit.

He says numerous test-tube studies done over the past two decades in the U.S., Canada and Malaysia show tocotrienols are “very effective” in killing cancer cells. With enough research in the lab to concretely come to this, as of June this year human trials on cancer patients are being conducted. “The reason the clinical trials are being done is because the preliminary findings are so promising,” Khosla says. “The payoff from these trials could be big: using a natural food-based compound to prevent or treat cancer and stroke.”

The trials should take approxiately until December 2012 to conclude and it may be a while before the word is “official” yet: results will need to be verified and published. However since Africa already has this staple oil entrenched into our diet, eat away and perhaps as your teeth do some work palm oil is doing some good work inside your body too.


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