Bridging Traditional Home Architecture with Modern Aesthetics


South African Architecture company Elmo Swat, show that traditional thatched roofs  very popular in rural Africa will always be in style and are here to stay. In remodelling this three bedroom thatched cottage in Durban, the designers added a new bedroom, two studies and an entertainment space with an art gallery topping it off with a design aesthetic that is as visually stunning as it is practical.  The surface wraps around the entire infrastructure to form a seamless continuity between the floor, wall and roof in a beautiful display of architectural foresight.

Situated within a grouping of dense and mature trees, the design maintains the natural materiality of the site while establishing a modern presence with its form and structure. The tilted plane which run the length of the house utilizes thatching in contrast to the fluid steel frame that envelops the interior space. The outdoor terrace connected to the new bedroom incorporates a straw-like material that forms a permeable shelter over the outdoor shower.

Images Cutesy of Designboom