Birsel and Seck’s Modern Senegal


Birsel + Seck uses design and innovation to highlight the innovation and creativity of Senegalese home decor.  One half of the design team, Bibi hails from Dakar Senegal and this has certainly been infused in some of their collections. Their lines, which are produced in collaboration for larger distribution all over the world – are manufactured right in Senegal!


Birsel and Seck collaborated with Moroso to create specific designs inspired by Dakar Senegal, artistically being inspired by the shapes and lines of the culture and city.

The collections includes some of the following designs: Madame Dakar (yellow and purple chair) is an impersonation of a beautiful and monumental woman from Dakar. You can imagine sitting on her lap, your head between her breasts and gazing to the stars. Bourguiba (blue and brown chairs) is based on a rocking chair Bibi had prototyped in Dakar, decorated by a wonderful craftsman, Tine whose work is to paint decorations on the minibuses that transport people all over Dakar, called Car Rapide. Bayekou is about reclining and rocking, perhaps a child or yourself to sleep .Gaal (yellow) is a daybed inspired by the traditional Senegalese wood beds. The form of the bed narrows towards its ends, like Senegalese fishing boats.

Workers weaving the complex pattern of “Madam Dakar”


Taboo is a line of furniture made in Dakar, Senegal, from 75% recycled garbage bags and plastic bottles, designed and produced by Bibi Seck.

The furniture is manufactured by Transtech, a Senegalese maker of cisterns and septic tanks utilizing recycled plastic. Bibi was researching industrialized facilities to make local furniture in Senegal and kept coming up empty handed. He met Transtech owner Marie Jo Sanchez Girardon, a woman business owner in a men’s world, as he was about to give up. Together they decided to insert the Taboo Collection into the production line.

Taboo stool and table draw inspiration from the daily habits of Western Africans, who traditionally sit on stools or squat on the floor around low tables to eat from a communal tray laden with food and then spend hours conversing and drinking Attaya tea, a potent gun-powder black tea infused with mint leaves and quantities of sugar. Taboo pieces come in a myriad of colors—, corals, blues, greens—, depending on the color of the recycled plastic content, lending the pieces a visual quality reminiscent of “careaux cassées,” the broken tile floors so popular in Dakar. Taboo pieces can be used indoors or outdoors.

Taboo stools are exhibited at Museum of American Art (MAD) Global Africa Project Exhibit. They are the official furniture of the PS1 MoMA Café in Brooklyn.

Workers at the Senegalese factory where the Taboo chairs are manufactured sit down to enjoy a stylish lunch

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