BETTER NIGERIA 2013 by Emmanuel Toby Ignis


Accoding to the artist, Emmanuel Toby ignis, “This project is aimed at preaching the gospel of positive change and also positive thinking among-st the youths in the country, there are too many people out the who do not really know how lucky they are to be a Nigerian, most think its even unfortunate they were born Nigerian. At the beginning of the year, i decided to preach the gospel of change, positive change and positive thinking too.

Nigeria is of course a blessed country, also through out the year, i intend making more of this and sharing across the world.

And also i want the perspective of other people around the world to change and begin to see a BETTER NIGERIA, not only this year but for life. I truly do hope people begin to see the awesomeness in this country,.. Talk of talented youths, we have them, talk of strong people-we have them, talk of dedicated folks, talk of responsible people, talk of ambitious minds, talk of creative minds, talk of academic giants, we gave them all.

Therefore, this country is totally a blessed country, i just want everyone to recognise this fact and begin to see a BETTER NIGERIA”
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