African Time

Mawuena Akyea

Mawuena Akyea is a 23 year old independent filmmaker based in Madison, WI. He is an accomplished writer and poet with works featured in Umoja Magazine, and most recently The Madison Times. He has his own blog which features his poetry and also runs commentaries on a variety of subjects from Hip-Hop music to family turmoil.


Akyea is making his directorial debut with African Time, which will be submitted to various domestic festivals, and is currently working on a screenplay and a short film titled A Post- Breakup Conversation, due out next year.

African Time Episode #1: What does it mean to look African?


African Time Episode 2#: Discipline

In episode two of African Time, Valerie discusses her experiences with discipline growing up in a Cameroonian household. Watch and don’t forget to subscribe!!

African Time Episode #3: Parenting

Ann Marie from Sierra Leone discuss her opinions and observations a juxtaposition between parenting in America and in Africa. In an anecdote about her daughter and the trials of desiring a car, Ann Marie emphasizes work ethic and discipline as the basis of proper child rearing.