Actor Alexx Ekubo : Up-close and Personal


Alexx Ekubo

Until early July of this year, Alexx Ekubo was relatively unknown to the

My Father once said to me, “Son! You’re 3 persons in one, you are who you are, who you want to be, & who you’re going to be. In all of this chaos, DON’T lose YOU! As long as I’m true to myself & my God, people would always see other people in the light they want to see them, regardless of how hard you try to change that.

Africlectic team. It was quite interesting how we stumbled upon this gorgeous and quite intelligent Nigerian model, actor and public speaker. After posting what became one of the most popular pictures on our Facebook page of 6 handsome young men in sophisticated embroidered attires, we were incessantly harassed about their identities. We decided to hunt down the men in the picture and prevent our message box imploding under inquiries from our fans who wanted to know everything about them; from their fashion, relationship statuses, and professions. After frantic Google searches we finally identified fan favorite, Alexx Ekubo on Twitter. Quite the gentleman, Alexx accepted our request to an interview and took time out to answer some questions, including some of the burning questions Africlectic fans submitted. We are quite happy to introduce the brilliant fashion model who has appeared on some of Africa’s most prestigious runways, including ARISE Magazine Fashion Week Lagos and several films.

The Stats:

Full name: Ikenna Alexx Ekubo-Okwaraeke

Alias: Alexx Ekubo

Age: 26

Nationality: Nigerian

Profession: Actor/Model

Education: Studied Law (University Of Calabar, Nigeria) 2008 , Diploma Mass Communications (Calabar polytechnic)


Alexx on Celebrity

AFRICLECTIC (AC): Thanks for granting us this interview. We’ve read quite a lot about you and you are quite an amazing young man and well-established personality on the Nigerian entertainment scene. What has been your most exciting project and why? Which was the defining one of your career?

Alexx and Freinds with Designer Yomi Casual. When this picture was posted on, our readers could not get enough of it.

ALEXX: Yes I’ve been a part of major movie productions, & modeling projects since I’ve begun my romance with the Entertainment Industry. I’ve learnt to take the good with the bad, but I’d say been MR NIGERIA 1st Runner Up 2010, helped launch my career in a positive way. It suddenly put me on the map & started me off with some good credit. I’m eternally grateful to the SILVERBIRD GROUP for this wonderful opportunity, as they’ve been really supportive.

AC: How do you use your celebrity platform to give back to the community?

ALEXX: I’ve been able to inspire a lot of Nigerian youth, I think the greatest investment anyone can make is Human investment. At the end of the day, if so much as one person can say his or her life is a success because of me, I will have lived a fulfilled Life. I do a lot of motivational speaking in schools and wherever I’m welcome to, I go around trying the correct mindset of the youth of there being no hope or goodness in life. Hopefully my labor would not be in vain.

AC: We live in a world where most things seem to resolve around image and status; is it hard to get people to see a different perspective of who you are apart from your outward appearance? Good looks aside, what character traits are important to you?

ALEXX: My Father once said to me, “Son! You’re 3 persons in one, you are who you are, who you want to be, & who you’re going to be. In all of this chaos, DON’T lose YOU! As long as I’m true to myself & my God, people would always see other people in the light they want to see them, regardless of how hard you try to change that.


Alexx on Fashion:

Alexx is not only familiar on the runway but appears in Nollywood productions too.

ALEXX: My style is causal yet preppy, I try to always be as comfortable in my clothes as I can. Fashion is not a do or die affair, be creative & have your identity don’t try to look like anyone. My personal motto is, “If you are going to make a Fashion Statement, DON’T MUMBLE!!!”

AC: Three must haves in your closet.

ALEXX: Bespoke suites. good shoes, & loads of accessories…


On Going Projects:

AC: What projects do you currently have going on or planned for the future and how can your new found admirers keep up with you?

ALEXX: I’ve got a couple of good movies out & some soon to be released, In the Cupboard, Weekend Getaway, Lovelorn, Dream Walker, Spycing, Ladies Men, Aina, and Cat & Mouse. I currently have my hands in a couple of pies at the moment, once the time is right you’ll be the first to know! You can keep up with me on my social networks, as I post daily updates on my activities & interact on a one on one basis with my people all around the world. Just LIKE my Facebook fan page ALEXX EKUBO & follow me on Twitter @AlexxEkubo & you’ll always be in the know.

AC: What are your goals; ambitions or aspirations and what advice would you give to anybody who wants to follow in your footsteps?

ALEXX: First of all don’t follow my steps, I’m already doing that. Whatever you do, you should find what best works for you & stick to it. But most importantly have a dream & hold onto it like your life depends on it, because you never know, eventually your Life may depend on it.


AC: I draw inspiration from…

God & my family, they keep my grounded & level headed, constantly reminding of where i’m coming from, & where I’m going to.

AC: The best advice my parents ever gave me….

” Teach a man, how to fish, don’t give him a fish ” by teaching him, you empower him forever.

AC: Beauty is…

…inborn, its takes more than a beautiful face, to make a good personality.

AC: My motto is…

Do more, Talk less.

AC: Africa is…
…a sleeping Giant, but I say its time for this giant to wake up & claim it rightful place

Alexx walks the runway for Arise Magazine fashion week in Lagos

INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW: Alexx Answers Anonymous questions asked by Africlectiststs on


-What qualities do you look for in a lady?

ALEXX: I like a God fearing Lady, who’s got a beautiful mind, with a tender loving spirit, & intelligent.

What are your turn offs?

ALEXX: Lies, shady & dishonest people. I like people to be upfront in all their dealings with me.

-Something about you people don’t know?

ALEXX: I‘m a highly emotional person, I’m in touch with my inner most feelings

-Are you open to dating outside your nationality and race ?

ALEXX: I’m an open minded person, I’ve learnt to never say never in the game of Love, so if I find the right one, sure!

Would you consider being in a long distance relationship?

ALEXX: The world is a global village, you can be with some one so close & feel so far, yet if your with the right one, you’ll be far & yet be so close. Distance is no excuse to me, if its with the One.

For a first date would you do a dinner or a movie?

ALEXX: A good movie has a way of easing the tension, it gives common ground on a recent subject, & then afterwards comes Dinner.

I’m a Nigerian fan of yours. From what I have seen about you, you are quite confident and probably shouldn’t have any fears asking girls out. What is the best advice you can give me about approaching a lady I’m really interested in without looking stupid?

ALEXX: Believe in yourself, & if at first you don’t succeed, try again. Besides what’s the worst that could happen? ‘ NO ‘ never killed anybody.

Which of you in the picture are single?

ALEXX: I’ll speak for myself; I know for a fact, I’m single.

There it is Africlectic ladies, what are you waiting for?! Remember, you may keep up with this lovely young man by clicking on these links to fan him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.


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