About Africlectic

by Africlectic Magazine


‘Africlectic’ Print and Online magazine is the quintessential life-cultural magazine that speaks to the soul of the global community of Afro-diasporans. The mission of Africlectic is to:

-Raise cultural awareness and celebrate African heritage.

-Be a lighting rod of positive discourse on issues affecting the African Diaspora.

-Shine a beaming spotlight on the unique experiences, opportunities, successes and challenges facing people of African descent residing in the Diaspora and continental Africa.


Africlectic Online & Print reflects the passions and needs of men and women of African descent. Our largely international editorial team of African, US, Europe and Brazilian nationalities are a reflection of our commitment to properly serve our global audience.


Who Is An “Africlectist?”

The Definition of Africlectic in brief.

A combination of two words, ‘African’ + ‘Eclectic’ personifies an “Africlectic” individual.  An Africlectist, falls under one of the following categories:-

  1.  Africans from the continent of sole or dual nationality
  2. Africans or persons of African descent born in the Diaspora; namely the West Indies, Europe, America, etc
  3. A person who identifies with their African and or mixed cultural heritage
  4. Lover and admirer of the African Diaspora

Africlectists are a young worldly, creative new generation of African Diaspora and continental Africans, or admirers of everything African who have a taste for diversity, fashion and culture which can not be defined by trends or labels. The Africlectist is proud of their cultural heritage and is at the forefront of the African Renaissance in music, arts, fashion, lifestyle, science, politics and more. Africlectists are a new generation of socially conscious men and women with a true sense of who they are. They have a desire to stay in touch with their roots and be informed of not only the issues and stories going on in their home country but the Diaspora as well. Most of them are well-traveled and are in tune with Afro fashion, style, entertainment and arts. They are all about advancing the general plight of the diaspora.


To highlight the African Diaspora’s Renaissance in culture, music, arts, fashion, and more. We raise attention to issues that matter, blur boundaries, promote solidarity in the Diaspora, reclaim our voice in the global socio-cultural discourse and re-define our future as a people with common HERITAGE.

Africlectic.com is  the roundabout of the Africlectic movement. We aim to bring to bring you all the exciting tidbits that defines the positive energy of  internationally mobile, young people of African diaspora, living their imprints on the world.